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Guides LLC

   Owner: Jake Howard (SRTU Member)

The goal of Saluda Valley Guides, LLC is to teach the techniques and tactics of fly fishing and casting as well as the use application of conventional tackle to catch the species of fish found in the rivers in and around Columbia, SC. We also want to raise awareness of the resources found in the area and provide top customer service to all anglers, from beginner to veteran.

Steelie Bros FLy



Owner: Jacob Braxton (SRTU Member)

Steelie Bros Fly Co is your destination for high quality 100% hand tied in South Carolina custom flies. From nymphs and midges to large salt and fresh water fly patterns, Jacob at Steelie Bros Fly Co can whip it up for you! He is happy to take custom orders as well as stock fly shops and fishing guides





  Owner: Jeff Harrison (SRTU Member)

Picking up a fly rod in May 2014 and catching my first trout in Bennitt Springs, Missouri. Little did I know how addictive fly fishing would be. Needless to say, I haven't put the fly rod down and have no plans to anytime soon. This new passion fueled a need. A need to find a great competition style fly hook without have to pay a fortune for 25 of them.

Operating this venutre with a very low over head, we have the ability to keep prices extremely low. Give us a try and if you dont like them I'll give you your money back, return the unused hooks for research and development.

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