Parking Pass Policy

Respecting our Privelages

The following regulations, principles  and guidelines apply to the issuance and use of the Pass.

A.        River’s Edge Home Owners Association (“R.E.’s HOA”):

1.         R.E.’s HOA that grants us the privilege to use their property to gain access to the Saluda River reports that holders of the Pass are parking on the grass and not on the paved areas. Also, a few Holders of Parking and Fishing Passes  (“Pass Holder” or “Holder”) are displaying conduct the River’s Edge Residents find unacceptable. The R.E’s HOA requests the Board address their concerns when a Pass is issued.
2.         Although the public will find a way to again access to the river by boat or other access points, the Board believes adjusting the criteria for the issuance of a Pass will respond to the R.E.’s  HOA concerns and maintain SRTU credibility.

B.        Building a reproducing trout fishery:

1.         Fly fishing only, barbless hooks, catch and release, bait restriction, etc. are management tools along with stream analysis and good science that will maintain water quality and a good fishery.
2.         Creating a gene pool of holdover trout and creating a reproducing fishery is a goal of SRTU.

C.        SRTU Chapter participation and principles:

1.         The Chapter has approximately 400 members but only a small number attend monthly meetings and participate in Chapter activities.
2.         Opportunities exist for the Chapter to advocate conservation issues in the community as well as advance the sport of fly fishing.
3.         All Chapter Members are expected to abide by the Trout Unlimited principles of conservation and stewardship, as well as common courtesy and respect for the property and residents and owners of  River’s Edge. 

D.        In addition the above and in addition to any conditions or restrictions printed on the Pass itself or any subsequent amendments or restrictions imposed in any manner, the following conditions apply to the SRTU Pass.

1.         SRTU and the holder of the Pass understand that it is a privilege to access and fish the private property of R.E.’s Subdivision. The Holder agrees and understands that the Pass may be revoked at any time and there is no guarantee that a pass will be issued, even if one has been issued in the past.
2.         The Pass Holder understands and acknowledges:

(a)        Recreational activities in the Lower Saluda River are inherently dangerous;
(b)        Trout Unlimited, SRTU,  the land owners of River's Edge and its Homeowner's Association do not have any control over the Lower Saluda River or its water levels;
(c)       Therefore, be warned a real risk of drowning exists
(d)       Alcohol and/or drug use is prohibited on this property
(e)        The Pass Holder, his or her heirs and assigns, as well as any invitees or guests, their heirs and assigns, agree not to hold the homeowners of River’s Edge in Lexington County, their heirs and assigns, any Members of the Homeowners’ Committee or other organizational entity of River’s Edge in Lexington County, their heirs and assigns; Saluda River Trout Unlimited, the Board Members, Officers or Representatives of Saluda River Trout Unlimited, their heirs and assigns; or Trout Unlimited; liable or responsible for any injury, up to and including death, or any resulting damages as a result of use of the access to the Lower Saluda River.

3.         The Holder agrees to display the current Pass on the front driver’s side windshield of his vehicle each time the Pass is used. The Holder agrees to all conditions and limitations printed on the Pass and on the SRTU website.
4.         Fly Fishing and Catch and Release only shall be practiced by the Holder.
5.         A processing fee of $25.00 is required, none of which is payable to, or for the benefit of, R.E’s. HOA. This fee may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Board.
6.         Each Pass is valid for a calendar year regardless of the date of issuance,
7.         In order to obtain a Pass, the recipient must have attended at least three (3)  SRTU events including monthly meetings, banquets or SRTU sponsored service events during the prior twelve (12) months. The person requesting the Pass must provide evidence of the necessary attendance. Any decision by SRTU as to whether the person has attended the necessary number of events is final and non-reviewable.
8.         The Pass is for the personal use of the Pass Holder only and is not to be loaned or sold to any other person. While the Holder may bring guests, the bringing of guests should be limited and not abused. Furthermore, the Holder shall inform any guest of the conditions and limitations on the use of the access, and the guest through the use of the access agrees to those conditions and limitations.
9.         The Pass is not to be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, access for guiding or instruction, or any other form of commerce or barter. The Pass is not to be used for access for canoeing, boating or kayaking.
10.       Exemptions for good cause (e.g. Nonresident or infrequent fly fisher) may be sparingly granted by the SRTU Board or its Chair and a designated representative of the R.E.’s HOA, subject to all conditions listed herein.
11.       Any decision by SRTU as to whether a person is eligible for a Pass is at the sole discretion of the Board and is final and non-reviewable.
12.       Any Pass which is issued is revocable in the sole discretion of the Board or the R.E.’s HOA or its designated representative, and no refund of any monies paid is required.
13.       R.E’s HOA may suspend or terminate all access at any time and without notice or reparation or refund or liability.
14.       Access to River’s Edge, the common areas or any property owned by a River’s Edge land owner without a Pass is prohibited. A Pass only permits the Holder to access the common areas of River’s Edge.

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