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I am one of the most senior members of the Saluda River Chapter. While not quite a charter member, I have been a member for over 40 years and have served (in the distant past) in most every office in the club. Though retired from the organizational leadership of the chapter, I have been the primary fly casting instructor of the chapter for a number of years. Through the Fly Fishers International organization, I have been a certified casting instructor for over 20 years. As a retired minister, I have spent much of my adult life in a teaching profession, and love to share what I know with others and take pride in my understanding of the physics and kinesiology of fly casting.

While fly casting is taught and done in a number of different styles, many of those styles, including some taught by highly regarded instructors, fall far short of being ergonomic and make it very difficult to cast an efficient tight loop of line. The result is that a great many fly fishers cast very poorly. My casting technique incorporates all of the best principles of physics and bodily motion to make the most beautiful and efficient fly casts.

I am retired, and therefore have a very flexible schedule. Most basic casting instruction is best done not on water but over closely mown grass. Seven Oaks Park, just off of St. Andrews Rd. near Piney Grove Rd. on Leisure Lane is my primary classroom. I charge $30 and hour for private instruction and provide all the equipment needed and printed documentation of what is covered in the class. I can be reached at 803-319-1460 or at

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