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Richland County




The County wants your input.

In an effort to protect Richland County’s abundant natural resources, County Council is considering an ordinance that would affect the type of bags businesses make available to the public.

The purpose of the ordinance would be, among other things, to reduce plastic litter in area waterways and outdoor spaces, and reduce costs for bags that are passed on to consumers.

The proposed ordinance contains certain requirements for area businesses and separate requirements for the County.

  • Businesses would phase out their use of single-use bags and offer for sale reusable bags that meet certain criteria.

  • Understanding that a bag ordinance could have a major impact on businesses, charity groups and other entities, as well as residents, the County would conduct extensive outreach and educational efforts regarding the new law. 

As the County considers the proposed ordinance, input from retailers, food establishments, charities and the general public is greatly encouraged. Richland County residents are invited to complete a survey regarding the ordinance. 

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