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Outings Information

As your host for outings:

It is our pleasure to serve in the best way possible. Hopefully, this letter will serve as a guide assisting in providing attendees with an indication of what goes on and what is expected on our outings.



Outings are simply a tool used to foster fellowship and encourage conservation within the framework of the chapter.


Who can participate?

Anyone, outings are open to ALL (members and non-members)


What are outings?

Outings are a combination of day trips, overnight stays in cabins or camping at various destinations. We attempt to make them economical as possible and by offering different types of outings; we are certain there is something that fits your schedule. Outings are a time of great fellowship and a real opportunity at building life long friendships with respect for God’s creation, our beautiful streams and waterways.


What is expected?

It is our fellowship that ultimately promotes growth of the chapter and a willingness to share that binds us. Participants are encouraged to car pool and share in the expense with the owner of the vehicle. Also, our NEWBIES may need assistance and any help in that area will surely be appreciated.

Outings book quickly and a nominal non-refundable deposit is expected. Should the outing be postponed, then refunds will take place. Your deposit will be refunded if you cancel outside of a 45 day requirement. Less than 45 days and your deposit will be kept and used to offset the overall cost of the trip.


Be mindful of language and that outings are designed to foster fellowship. On many occasions, you are around people you do not know. It is possible to have a GREAT time without a case of the TRASHMOUTH. Please be aware of areas that may bring conflict, such as politics, religion, and family etc.

On many occasions, I am asked about alcohol. My reply is simple “NO DRINKING and DRIVING while on outings.” Alcohol is allowed but drunkenness is NOT tolerated. If looking for a party, other avenues should be sought.


Lets Fish,

Keith Cloud 

803 606-7871

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