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Trout Unlimited believes that conservation should be a true partnership between landowners, agencies, municipalities, and all stakeholders. We work to protect critical habitat, to reconnect degraded waterways, and restore populations to coldwater fisheries.

Saluda River Trout Unlimited works in conjunction with state and local agencies to protect, preserve and improve our cold water fisheries.

Education and Outreach

Trout In The Classroom

Trout in the Classroom is an environmental program which helps teach young people about trout and the environment in which they live through the process of raising trout from eggs. There is no cost to the school - SRTU and SCDNR sponsors this program.



Local Updates

  • The Lower Saluda Riverwalk is going to be complete this year!

  • South Carolina State Water Planning: In October, 2019 the SCDNR published the South Carolina State Water Planning Framework (Planning Framework) which details a new State and river basin planning process.

  • Richland County Bag Ordinance: In an effort to protect Richland County’s abundant natural resources, County Council is considering an ordinance that would affect the type of bags businesses make available to the public.

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