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Whirling Disease Found in Watauga River North

 August 3, 2015  

Whirling Disease has been confirmed in trout populations in parts of the Watauga River in North Carolina.


South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources ("SCDNR") has reached out and asked us to be vigilant when fishing in North Carolina. Most importantly, DO NOT transport trout from North Carolina to out of state. Transporting trout, for any reason, is the most common way the disease spreads. Hold off on bringing back trout for the time being. This outbreak could be devastating to trout populations in the South East if not properly contained.


You should also take other basic steps to avoid the spread of the disease. Wash, dry, and clean your waders, wading boots, fly lines, terminal tackle and flies after fishing waters in North Carolina. Clean your float tubes, trailers, kayaks and anything else that gets in contact with the water. The spores that spread the disease can cling to most articles you bring into the river.


There is no cure for Whirling Disease. As such, it is extremely important that, as fly anglers with conservation in mind, we do our part to contain the problem.  This means we must work to prevent the spread within North Carolina and be careful to keep the disease out of South Carolina.


SCDNR is presently working to enact measures to protect our State’s waterways, hatcheries, and trout populations. Expect to receive updates as those policies come into place.


Please contact any member of the SRTU Board if you have any questions. Take the time to read the following links from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission ("NCWRC"), where you will find a useful FAQ (FAQ Link) and more information about what is presently known about the current outbreak, including tips for containment (NCWRC Best Practices).



Greg Placone, SRTU Chapter President



Recent Trip Report!

Keith Cloud's most recent trip report is up and man does it make me want to hit the river. It sounds like another successful outing on the Nantahala full of great memories and good fishing. Check out the full report by clicking the outing link above. I encourage you all to check out the remainding trips a get with Keith about details to find the right trip for you.




2014-2015 Trout in the Classroom is up and running!

Thanks to Mike Waddell and Bill Clendenin, the 2014-2015 TIC program is in full swing. All equipment was delivered at the end of October and the eggs were delievered on November 13th. Mike Waddell was kind enough to drive up to the Walhalla Hatchery, take position of the charged eggs and then turnaround and drive back to Columbia and deliver them before the kids went home for the weekend.

This year Saluda River Trout Unlimited is managing the TIC program in 6 schools across Richland and Lexington County. This entire program is in cooperation with our friends at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. If you would like to learn more information about Trout in the Classroom, please click the link below for a more in depth illustration and explanation.


Trout in the Classroom



Check out the new Saluda River TU Meetup.com page. Sign up for an account (free) and you will be able to participate in the discussion forum or RSVP to events. We will be keeping a detailed schedule of events there and coordinating outings and trips.


Lower Saluda River Trout Study!

How to Report a Tagged Trout?

Anglers have many options to return tag information to SCDNR, whether you keep the fish or release it. At several locations along the Lower Saluda River you will find black tag return drop boxes. At each tag return drop box are pre-addressed tag return envelops. Please place the clipped tag in the envelop, complete all necessary information on the outside of the envelop, and return it to SCDNR via the drop box or US Postal Service. If you are not near a box, you can download the Trout Study Data Sheet on the DNR website (http://www.dnr.sc.gov/troutstudy/report.html) and mail it with the fish tag to SCDNR at:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Attn: Ron Ahle, Region 3 Fisheries Biologist
2726 Fish Hatchery Road
West Columbia, SC 29172

Plan on releasing your fish?

If you plan to practice catch and release fishing, tag information can still be returned to SCDNR in the same manner as above simply by (1) clipping the tag before releasing the fish or (2) recording the tag number and releasing fish with tag intact. Be sure that you never rip a tag from a fish to be released, as this will likely cause damage to the fish that could result in unnecessary fishing mortality.

If you have any questions about reporting a tag, please call Region 3 Fisheries at


!!!Please leave the tag on the fish if at all possible and simply record the Data. This will allow information to be gathered and recorded on a single fish multiplie times. Thanks!!!

!!!!!Trout Study Video!!!!




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