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Outing Requirements

Hosted By: Keith Cloud

Requirements for outings:

All chapter outings are catch and release and fly fishing only. Exceptions may be made regarding *Premium trips* which may offer opportunities to keep fish. These trips may also require more heavily weighted equipment such as six weight rods or above.

Participants are also encouraged to share the expenses of transportation cost.


Required equipment:

Waders, Wading Staff, Wading Boots (preferably with Felt bottoms), but will accept the newer boots with high tech wading soles. Fly rod and reel of a 5 weight or less is recommended for most outings.


For emergency purposes:

Please provide alternate contact numbers. We need a way to reach someone should there be an incident.

We will do our best to provide if provided with your dietary needs.


Suggestions for outings:

Due to catch and release we suggest also pinching down the barbs of hooks; it makes for an easy release and prevents further injury to the fish and to YOU, should you catch yourself.



Polarized sunglasses with strap, Quality Rainwear (Gortex), Warm Socks & long underwear

Fishing Hat & Gloves, Fleece Pants and outerwear for winter fishing, quick dry pants

Fishing Shirts (it’s a proven fact; fish bite better if wearing official SRTU merchandise.)

Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Camera, Personal toiletries and Medical prescriptions

You will look good in your FOLDING CHAIR if you take in the nice shore lunch.

You are not going to leave your NET at home, are you?

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