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Outings Coordinator

Keith Cloud

Keith Cloud on the West Fork Pigeon.jpg

    Contact Information

Phone:  (803) 606-7871


     Keith Cloud currently serves as Membership and Outings Chair. Keith has been a Saluda River Trout Unlimited Member since 1995. He previously served as SRTU Board Member, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. He has served on the South Carolina Trout Unlimited State Council for a number of years and served as Vice-President of Council.

     Keith is always on hand for set up and take down of the monthly meetings and always extends a hand to meet and greet each attendee as he performs the duties of Membership Chairman. He is the first recipient of the Jim Hopkins (South Carolina Trout Unlimited) award which is the council’s highest honor for volunteerism within the state of South Carolina for Trout Unlimited. When receiving this award Keith said “if it is named for Jim Hopkins; it must be GOOD, for he was a GREAT man.” We as a whole chapter are extremely proud to have Keith as part of our chapter, his exemplary attitude, and volunteerism has become the model that we as members should all strive to achieve. 

     Keith has been hosting SRTU Outings for 20 years. The success of the outings can be found in the one behind the scenes and on many trips; Sherie Cloud (THE BRIDE) provides meals and snacks that enhance the outings experience. Her presence is an added blessing on each trip she attends. Each outing offers a bit of variety in that there are several types of trips to participate in. The outings operation hosted by Keith and Sherie performs like a well-oiled machine and their experience shows in the fact that ALL outings book to capacity. One note: outings are usually rolled out in the September to October time frame and may book up to a year in advance.

     Remember it is our time together in the stream that form the bonds and friendship that ultimately grows the chapter and boy ole boy has our chapter grown because of our time together on SRTU Outings. Our FELLOWSHIP is vital to success.


    Keith also provides his trip reports of each outing and be sure to look for Keith’s so called “Reference Point” in the report. The Reference Point is Keith’s way to remember the trip and always provides for entertaining reading.

Go To Trip Reports>>>>


    So come enjoy and participate in your next Saluda River Trout Unlimited fishing adventure; Keith and Sherie would love to see YOU on the stream.


Keith is always looking for more outings opportunities for our chapter in an effort to grow the outings program. If you are ever interested in learning more about possible hosting a trip please feel free to call or email Keith directly.

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