2020 SRTU Board

Board Member

Environmental Subcomittee Head

Lucas Margraf

Email: ljmbilliards@yahoo.com

Phone: (864) 642-7399


Board Member

SRTU Trout in the Classroom Lead

Michael Waddell

Email: mwaddell003@sc.rr.com

Phone: 803-315-2409


Jacob Braxton

Email: JacobBrax@gmail.com

Phone: 716-785-8295

Jacob has been a member of SRTU for 5 years and has served on the board for 3 of those years. Originally from Western New York, Jacob grew up fishing for steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Erie. Jacob is the owner of www.SteelieBrosFlyCo.com and has been commercially tying flies for almost 10 years. When the water levels are too high to fish the Saluda, Jacob prefers to get in his kayak and throw flies to any warm water species willing to eat.


Vice President

Will Mundhenke

Email: wgmundhenke@gmail.com

Phone: (770) 845-5140

Will has been a member of SRTU since 2019, and has previously served on board of director's positions related to conservation and public land agencies. Originally from the North Georgia mountains, Will worked for the National Park Service in New Mexico and Colorado, and currently works for SCDNR's Aquatic Education division. Along with chasing trout in the Lower Saluda, Will enjoys slipping over shoals fishing for smallmouth and redeye bass.


Past President


Sam Crews

Email: Sam.Crews@me.com

Phone: (803) 463-4801



Johnathan Eichelburger

Email: scwader@gmail.com

Phone: (803) 360-1042

Board Member

Mike Ehmke

Email: mwmbehmkes@yahoo.com

Phone: (832) 216-3125

Board Member

Mel Maurer

Email: melmaurer72@gmail.com

Phone: (803) 429-7686


Board Member

Shawn Kenny

Email: Shawn.Kenney61@gmail.com

Phone: 803-315-1482